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Bath Soap

Apr 21st, 2022 at 08:41   Phones & Accessories   Matara   363 views

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The organic part of natural soap is a negatively-charged, polar molecule. Its hydrophilic (water-loving) carboxylate group (-CO2) interacts with water molecules via ion-dipole interactions and hydrogen bonding. The hydrophobic (water-fearing) part of a soap molecule, its long, nonpolar hydrocarbon chain, does not interact with water molecules. The hydrocarbon chains are attracted to each other by dispersion forces and cluster together, forming structures called micelles. In these micelles, the carboxylate groups form a negatively-charged spherical surface, with the hydrocarbon chains inside the sphere. Because they are negatively charged, soap micelles repel each other and remain dispersed in water.


Grease and oil are nonpolar and insoluble in water. When soap and soiling oils are mixed, the nonpolar hydrocarbon portion of the micelles break up the nonpolar oil molecules. A different type of micelle then forms, with nonpolar soiling molecules in the center. Thus, grease and oil and the 'dirt' attached to them are caught inside the micelle and can be rinsed away.



The Disadvantage of Soap

Although soaps are excellent cleansers, they do have disadvantages. As salts of weak acids, they are converted by mineral acids into free fatty acids. These fatty acids are less soluble than the sodium or potassium salts and form a precipitate or soap scum. Because of this, soaps are ineffective in acidic water. Also, soaps form insoluble salts in hard water, such as water containing magnesium, calcium, or iron. mThe insoluble salts form bathtub rings, leave films that reduce hair luster, and gray/roughen textiles after repeated washings.


Soap can be a nice parnter for body cleaning, and it is mainly used as a Bath Soap or a Laundry Soap. For our skin, Handmade Soap is much milder and more suitable. Don't forget to prepare a Box Case for it. Also, for body cleaning, you win't miss a great Toothpaste, facial cleanser and our Body Butter and face cream. For babies, you may perpare the special cream and cleanser designed for babies and the Diapers.