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Misery Summoner

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"Although it has not been completely successful, there is an experiment that gives the old man hope that the only way to deal with the source of this group of crimes is to fight evil with evil." Dumbledore came to the front of the cross, then turned around and bowed to Downing in a sincere tone from his heart. "Would you please give your life to protect the world?" Please remember the URL, if you like the "Misfortune Summoner" written by the Lord of Creation. Netizens Upload Chapter 91 The Calculation Behind the Calculation Updated: 2012 520 22:04:38 Words in this Chapter: 7385 : Novel Chapter 91 the calculation behind the calculation. Like a flash of light in his head, illuminating all the previously invisible dark places, or like a giant hammer, breaking the wall of unknown information, Downing instantly connected all the details that nnòng did not understand with what he saw in front of him, and nnòng understood the context of everything. As if he had not heard the other side's words of dedication, Downing's face, which had figured out all his intentions, had not changed at all, as if he were retelling the story and telling the whole thing from the beginning. The reason for your treason is that you use the forbidden realm to forcibly imprison the source of crime. This kind of anti-energy, with any current magic system, will be eroded, only the forbidden magic field that forbids all energy can restrain it, after all,x70 line pipe, even anti-energy is energy. No wonder you never use the field to fight with people. It's not that you don't want to use it, but that you can't use it. Dumbledore nodded and admitted, "The old man split a part of his soul and used the forbidden realm here for a long time. In addition, the power of the source of crime was beyond my expectation. In the confrontation with the forbidden realm, he distorted the space, pierced the space barrier and formed a space tunnel.". At the other end of the space tunnel is the infamous lair of the Burning Legion,uns s32760 plate, which continues to plunder and destroy worlds. For this reason, the old man specially borrowed an oriental artifact from the Middle Earth Shenzhou that could suppress Qi Yun, which firmly imprisoned the source of the crime, reinforced the space barrier and blocked the tunnel. Downing followed the information given by the other side: "In order to avoid people's eyes and ears, not to let people know the truth of the matter, to prevent the spread of panic, and not to be used by some people with ulterior motives, you joined the Magic Empire and set up a college here, so as not to be suspected of why you always stay in Carolingian and never leave.." The Academy was named Azeroth, presumably as a metaphor, hoping to withstand the invasion of the Burning Legion like the world of Azeroth. Dumbledore smiled and did not deny it. The incident of the Doomsday Leader seems to be the source of the crime. According to the report of the Stormrage Knights, the summoner who was hunted down was only a seventh-level mage. Even if he sacrificed his life, uns s31803 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, it was impossible to summon the Doomsday Leader who was equivalent to the Great Magic Guide. Since the source of sin can communicate with the Burning Legion's lair, it is not difficult to increase the effect and help summon powerful demons. "This thing is a coincidence, every four years the source of crime will riot once, escape the energ aand." Downing said sarcastically. Dumbledore pretended to cough a few times, and then went on to say: "The original plan was to find an opportunity to give you a small part of the nihilistic energy. It was speculated that according to your knowledge, you would definitely carry out a personal experiment,316 stainless steel plate, but I didn't expect that you were persistent in returning the favor, so I simply pushed the boat along and used the leaked energy to set up a small game." Indirectly put something jijiāo into your hand. The only thing I didn't expect was that you would be so impatient to carry out the experiment on the spot. "Since you're watching the battle, why don't you save Vandal?" lksteelpipe.com