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The orchid fragrance is light and the cold palace is warm

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Raj said, "The master has told me to listen to the girl's instructions. In the future, the subordinates will not be so polite." Then he stood up. Along the way, Raj and Jianglan Jiangxin gradually became familiar with each other. He is good, take care of two people in every possible way, honest, and will not argue with Jiang Lan. Sometimes Jiang Lan even lamented that if she had met Raj first, she would not have been impulsive to Shen. Chapter 20 About a month later, they finally arrived at Fengye. Fengye is a picturesque city, rich and prosperous, with a big river running through the city. Shen Chong left a lot of silver for the three of them. Jiang Lan did not want to spend Shen Chong's silver in vain, nor did she want to go to King Han according to Raj's arrangement. Rented a small house in the west of the city. The house was built facing the river, with a small shop in the direction of the street, a small yard in the back and three houses. After tidying up, she took Jiang Xin to live in. After drifting in this world for so long, I finally have a home of my own. The front shop was simply decorated and a small restaurant was opened to sell tea, rice and wine. There are a lot of porters in the city, and the business of the small shop is good. Gradually, life is on the right track. Every morning before dawn, Jiang Lan dragged a cart to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, Jiang Xin went to clean up, Raj chopped firewood to clean up, ready to open a shop. Such a day, although not much money, but happy. With Raj as a powerful bodyguard,information kiosk price, no one dares to find fault. In addition to Jiang Xin often fighting, causing trouble, there is nothing to bother Jiang Lan unhappy. As for that bastard Shen Chong, it's up to him when he wants to come back. But when an unmarried woman opens a shop, naturally some people say. But when an unmarried woman opens a shop, naturally some people say. In particular, Aunt Wang, who was in the catering business of another porter on the street, always looked at Jiang Lan with a look of hatred. Jiang Lan is not good at quarreling with people,temperature scanning kiosks, and can only ignore this kind of thing. One day Raj went out to buy rice, and she and I took care of business alone. A hoodlum swayed in: "Hey, Miss Jiang, settle accounts." It was Wang Dafu, the gambler son of Aunt Wang, and Jiang Lan's heart missed a beat. This kind of person is the most difficult to deal with, she gritted her teeth and smiled: "Wang Ge, what's the matter?" Wang Dafu smiled with a wretched look on his face. "Miss Jiang, were you an official before? Raj was your bodyguard?" Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, Jiang Lan smiled: "Brother Wang, it's getting late. I'm going to close up." Wang Dafu came forward and said, "Why don't you come with me? How about changing our two families into one?" Jiang Lan shrank back and said, "Brother Wang, I have been engaged for a long time." Hearing this, Wang Dafu's face sank. He suddenly grabbed her skirt and said, "It's shameless. Who dares to say no to me in this street?"? You usually bully my mother in business. If you weren't interested in you, I would have broken your bones. Believe it or not, face recognition identification ,digital whiteboard price, if I burn down your shop, no one will dare to testify to you? Two people are separated by the counter, Jiang Lan's neck is strangled especially uncomfortable, she warns: "Wang Dafu, do not let go again have you to look good." Wang Dafu smiledomething has happened to the Wangs who sell rice," said the man. Wang Dafu was strangled to death on his bed, on which lay the daughter of the Zhao family who had been buried a few days ago. I heard that Wang Dafu dug up his daughter's grave and then strangled him to death. Listening to his description, Jiang Lan's hair also stood up. Behind him,touch screen kiosk, Jiang Xin suddenly asked, "Sister, are you happy?" "Hm?" Jiang Lan looked back at him. Jiang Xin smiled and his black eyes sparkled. "Are you happy that they have been punished?" hsdtouch.com