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Tunnel drying experimental device

Oct 17th, 2022 at 12:05   Beauty, Fitness & Sports   Jaffna   42 views

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Original Title: Tunnel Drying Experimental Device, Tunnel Drying Experimental Equipment JGKY-GZ/DD Tunnel Drying Experimental Equipment Overview: The tunnel drying experimental equipment is developed by Beijing Jinggong Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd. for the teaching experiment of tunnel drying and related disciplre, on the one hand, can save a lot of time for teachers to write on the blackboard and overcome the problem of reduced class hours; on the other hand, Vividly demonstrate the working principle in the form of animation,thin film distillation, display various photos learned, schematic diagrams or circuit diagrams of complex systems, so that students can understand intuitively and understand and apply more easily. Screenshot of tunnel drying 3D simulation software: Expand the full text I. Purpose of the experiment 1. Practice and master of materials. 3. The critical water content of materials is deepened through experiments. Xc concept and its influencing factors. 4. Practice and master the measurement method of convective heat transfer coefficient between material and air in constant speed drying stage. 5. Learn to use the error analysis method to estimate the error of the experimental results II. Contents of the experiment 1 Under the condition of fixed air flow and air temperature, the drying curve,wiped film distillation, drying rate curve and critical water content of a certain material are e material, the moisture inside the material can quickly reach the surface of the material. At this time, the drying rate is controlled by the gasification rate of the surface moisture of the material, so this stage is called the surface gasification control stage. In this stage, all the heat transferred from the drying medium to the materiperature of hot air), nutsche filter dryer ,wiped film distillation, the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface of the material also remains constant, and the drying rate is constant, so it is called constant-rate drying stage. And that second stage is a speed reduction dry stage. When the moisture content of the material e drpower: 500 w-1500 w Air flow: 1-5m3/min Drying temperature: 40-120 Weight sensor indicator: measuring range (0-200 G);. Dry bulb therweight of the sample support frame G; Ge moisture content of the material to be dried between two records, kg water/kg dry material; U drying rate kg water/ (s · m2) 2 Data calculation example: Take the data of group I and I + 1 in Table 1 as an example. The drying curve X-T curve is plotted with X and T data,wiped film evaporator, as shown in Fig. 3. The drying rate curve U-X curve is plotted with U and XAV data, as shown in Fig. 4. Convective heat transfer coefficient from air to material surface in cice < br/> M. Bjhjwy. Com/A14.html "> Tunnel dryie-Digital Back to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor: toptiontech.com