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Paper Tube

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What is a Paper Tube?

Paper tubes consist of paper or paperboard sheet layers wound together to form strong, hollow, and usually cylindrical shapes. The paper layers are laminated or bonded together using adhesives. The wall thickness of the tube can vary depending on the number of layers wrapped during manufacturing. Paper tubes are also known as paper cores, paperboard tubes, paper cans, fiber drums, fiber tubes, paper tubing, wound tubes, composite cans, coreboard tubes, and cardboard tubes. While widely used everywhere, the term "cardboard tube" is a misnomer. Cardboard consists of three kraft layers with the central layer corrugated.


Paper Tube Types and Shapes

While paper tubes, paper cores and related products are all made from wound plies of paper or paperboard. Paper tubes or cores can be constructed from one, two or many plies of brown kraft paper or paperboard. The innermost layer or ply, the liner, and the outermost layer, the wrap, can consist of different materials (foil, film, etc.) or specialized paper. The specialized paper and materials can provide water resistance, graphics or labeling, or a specific color.


The two main types of paper tubes and cores include spiral wound and convolute or parallel wound paper tubes. Convolute wound tubes are used in applications requiring high bend strength, crush resistance and dynamic strength. A spiral wound tube has the paper ply or plies wrapped around at an angle to the tube's axis. In convolute tubes, the outer two edges of the paper strip are wrapped parallel or at a 90-degree angle to the tube's axis.


Paper tubes have thinner walls and are widely used as containers or packaging for products. A paper core is essentially a heavy-walled paper tube. The much thicker wall of paper cores enables their use in winding webs or sheets of flexible material into rolls in converting operations. Besides, a paper tube may require other accessories to help, such as Paper Angle BeadMedical Tape Dispenser and Paper Stick.


Excpet for paper tube, another harder material is also widely used. It is Plastic Pipe, which can be devided into many types for different materials like PE PipePVC Pipe and PP Pipe.


Indoor plumbing has been around for centuries. As many things change over the years, so has the type of pipes that maintain your plumbing. For instance, if looking at the plumbing system of older homes versus newer ones, you may find galvanized pipes in one and PVC tubing in the other. And for older homes especially, galvanized pipes are an outdated plumbing method and that should be replaced as soon as possible.