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Yunhai Yugongyuan-Liang Yusheng _ txt novel paradise

Oct 14th, 2022 at 12:15   Automobiles   Jaffna   16 views

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Xiang Hong was a disciple of Meng Shentong, and his martial arts were not weak. He felt bad and immediately used a move to "take off his robe and armor". His shoulders sank, but he heard a "sniff". Although Xiang Hong's clothes were torn off a large part, he had already broken free from Gu Zhihua's grasp. As soon as he got away, he immediately clapped his hands. Rao Shigu Zhihua dodged quickly, and he touched his fingertips at the "Quchi point" in the crook of his arm. He immediately felt a burst of acid and numbness, and he couldn't help shivering. Qu Xiu didn't know how fierce it was. Seeing that Gu Zhihua was hit by Elder Martial Brother, he expected that even if she had the ability to close the acupoint,deep draw stamping, the cold poison of Shura Yin Sha Gong would certainly hurt her. Then he laughed and said, "We're not going to mess with you, but you're going to mess with us. Since you've come to me, I won't stand on ceremony.". Ha, ha, where can I find such a beautiful little girl? He threw himself on him and wanted to check the price. Before he had finished laughing, he heard a "bang" and was slapped by Gu Zhihua. Gu Zhihua hated him for his frivolous tongue. This slap was really not light. It made his face blossom and two of his front teeth fall out! When Xiang Hong came to the rescue, Gu Zhihua shouted,alloy die casting, "You too!" Xuannu palm method, left one move "poplar flowers blow on the face", right one move "willow catkins light", the palm potential is erratic, like falling flowers in riotous profusion, auspicious snow falling. But Xiang Hong felt that in all directions, there were shadows of her hands, and he displayed all his abilities, but she still forced him to retreat step by step! Xiang Hong this surprise is no small matter, Gu Zhihua unexpectedly not afraid of his Shura Yin Sha Gong! It turned out that Lv Siniang had long considered that no one in this school could subdue Meng Shentong, so she spent ten years to understand the "Shaoyang Divine Skill". Although she could not crack the Shura Yin Sha Skill, she could resist the evil and poisonous Qi of the Shura Yin Sha Skill. As long as there are two or three masters who have practiced this "Shaoyang Divine Skill" and work together, they can control Meng Shentong. At that time, in her mind, the three disciples with the strongest martial arts were Cao Jiner, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, Yi Zhongmou and Xie Yunzhen from the Emei Sect, so she ordered Gu Zhihua to transfer the "Shaoyang Xuangong Secret" to Cao Jiner. This is why at the Mangshan meeting, although Cao Jiner wanted to drive Gu Zhihua out of the door and wall, Gu Zhihua still gave her the three secrets. Before her death, Lu Siniang did not ask Gu Zhihua to practice this "Shaoyang Divine Skill", but she was not forbidden to practice it either. Gu Zhihua did not know that Lu Siniang had another profound meaning. After the death of her master, she finally practiced this skill. When Gu Zhihua was practicing "Shaoyang Divine Skill", it was out of a desire to defend his own school. He thought that if one more person practiced this kind of skill, he would save more effort when he wanted to subdue Meng Shentong in the future. It was not until Cao Jiner revealed the secret of her life experience that she became suspicious. Could it be that her master had long known that she was Meng Shentong's daughter, so he did not personally teach her the "Shaoyang Divine Skill" to prevent her from killing her own father in the future? She also thought that the master might have thought that the secret of her life would never be revealed, so he had never told her explicitly, nor could he order her to stop practicing, so that everything would be like God's will? Unfortunately, the master is dead, and Gu Zhihua will never know her painsbrother, also grabbed a bench, a tea table, and so on, and threw it at Gu Zhihua. only reason, she should also inquire about the whereabouts of Meng Shentong, so that the disciples of the Mangshan Sect can know. Besides,socket screw plug, she promised Jin Shiyi to find out Li Qinmei's whereabouts for him. Therefore, I also want to get some news about Li Qinmei from the two disciples of Meng Shentong. With these relationships, I finally went on. autoparts-dx.com

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